Maria Taylor Goes Off on Drew Brees on 'First Take'

Ryan Phillips
Maria Taylor on "First Take"
Maria Taylor on "First Take" /

Maria Taylor was hosting First Take on Friday when she went off on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. In a nearly two-minute takedown, Taylor tore into Brees for not having empathy for black NFL players.

She claimed Brees should have educated himself about the issues at hand before speaking out against protesting during the national anthem. Taylor also said Brees shouldn't have had to be trolled on social media and pushed into showing empathy for his fellow players.

The segment is below:

Taylor does make a great point that the first thing out of Brees' mouth was how the protest was disrespectful. He didn't empathize with those protesting before condemning their methods. That could come across as wildly insensitive to some.

She also said that while she can accept Brees' apology, he "revealed" himself with the words in his original statement.