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Marcus Stroman Has Perfected the Incredibly Cool Jump Throw

Kyle Koster
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Marcus Stroman is one of the best fielding and perhaps the most athletic pitchers in baseball, meaning there's little point in bunting against him and little hope of him fumbling a comebacker. Even worse, the hard-throwing New York Mets pitcher will probably add an extra bit of panache to the play to hammer the point home.

San Francisco's Brandon Belt found this out the hard way last night after dropping a bunt down. Stroman simply raced over near the third-base line to pick it up and executed a jump throw that would make Derek Jeter proud.

SNY announcers Gary Cohen and Ron Darling marveled at the fluidity and artistry on display. A brand that's been on display for several years when needed. Here's Stroman seven years ago, going airborne from a different part of the field to record a 1-3 assist.

It is inspiring to see a hurler out there doing all he can to combat the dangerous narrative that pitchers aren't athletes. It's an outdated and flatly wrong stereotype that must be starved of oxygen.

Through that lens, Stroman's aerial exploits are borderline heroic. Respect to him.