Marcus Stroman and Dennis Eckersley Have Beef

Kyle Koster

Marcus Stroman’s on-mound demeanor is steeped in confidence and flash. The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher doesn’t stifle his emotions and that’s a problem for some people. One of them, oddly enough, is NESN analyst Dennis Eckersley.

Via an Actual Pitching Ninja:

The issue at hand was Stroman turning around to the Red Sox dugout and yelling “yeah.” This seemed pretty tame but hey, it’s tough to predict what will get under skin.

It’s surprising that Eck is one standing on that ground considering the flamboyant and over-the-top celebrations he partook in during his Hall of Fame career.

None of this was lost on Stroman.

Stroman didn’t curse out or, really show up, an opponent. He yelled because he was happy. I love policing fun in baseball even more than the next guy but this was small potatoes.

And Eckersley was the force he was because of the antics. Seems like some selective memory is going on.

As for Boston, they could have done one of two things to get Stroman to stop yelling. Either score some runs or — an even better idea — direct his attention to the Green Monster standings which showed the Blue Jays 21 games under .500 entering today.