Marcus Spears Demonstrated Perfect Timing on This Green Bay Packers Hot Take

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers may have salvaged their season on Sunday with a win over the Dallas Cowboys. With eight games remaining on their schedule they're only one win behind the San Francisco 49ers who would be the 7-seed in the NFC if the playoffs start today. But they don't so the Packers have a chance to make a run over the next two months and maybe sneak into the playoffs.

Not so fast! Here's Marcus Spears on Get Up this morning saying the Packers' season is actually over.

We probably throw "hot take" around a bit too much these days. And considering the Packers are currently 4-6 and are in a three-way tie for the 9th-best record in the NFC, saying they aren't going to make the playoffs should not qualify as a hot take. However, the timing of this take may elevate it to that level.

Packers fans have to be feeling as good as they have in months right now. Aaron Rodgers played maybe his best game of the season and the they beat the Cowboys who are a likely playoff team! Christian Watson scored three touchdowns and for one afternoon looked like a real weapon for Rodgers to get excited about.

Which makes this the perfect time to drop the hammer with Spears saying the Packers are done. Green Bay fans are at their highest? Hit them as low as possible. It's basic take game theory.