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Marcus Spears: Mike McCarthy Doesn't Know What the Hell He's Doing

Liam McKeone
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys looked like Super Bowl contenders and arguably even favorites in the first half of the 2021 season. Then they came crashing back down to earth in part because of a variety of injuries, most prominently to Dak Prescott. Dallas is 10-4 and has now won three straight games but everyone is trying to figure out how the Cowboys went from one of the NFL's most dangerous teams to simply the best team in the NFC East, which is a significant difference in quality.

Marcus Spears made the argument on ESPN this morning that the blame should fall on the shoulders of head coach Mike McCarthy. Specifically, Spears doesn't think McCarthy knows what the hell he's doing out there.

The problem, as Domonique Foxworth addresses after Spears' rant, is that these are not new problems for McCarthy. He has been a bad manager of timeouts and end-of-half situations dating back to his time with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The consistency is remarkable, frankly.

McCarthy has clearly done a half-decent job of coaching this team up considering they've only lost four games this season and are nearly guaranteed to make the playoffs. But expectations are always much higher for the Cowboys than they are other franchises. McCarthy's endgame issues often rear its head at the worst possible moment-- so Dallas just has to hope it doesn't come down to that.