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VIDEO: Marcus Smart Dove at Steph Curry's Ankles and Kicked Klay Thompson on the Same Play

Stephen Douglas
Boston Celtics v Charlotte Hornets
Boston Celtics v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics visited the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. Things got intense in the second quarter and wouldn't you know it, Marcus Smart was the instigator! First, Smart dove at Stephen Curry's legs under the guise of going for a loose ball. Curry had to leave the game.

Incredibly, Smart somehow wasn't done as a few seconds later he awkwardly jumped up and kicked Klay Thompson in the chest on the other end of the floor. Smart jumped to contest the shot as Klay faked. When Smart sailed by he stuck his foot, clearly trying to make contact. Anyone who has watched Draymond Green knows it was not a natural basketball move.

It's impossible to say which play was dirtier, but diving at Curry's legs was definitely more reckless and Steve Kerr had words for Smart after the whistle.

And they continued to talk.

Smart was giving a flagrant foul for the kick.