Marcus Peters Appears to Be Caught Spitting on Jarvis Landry

Brian Giuffra
Marcus Peters.
Marcus Peters. / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We're in the midst of a pandemic where coronavirus is spread by particles traveling from one person to another through the air. The NFL is trying everything is can to stop the spread and keep its season afloat. You have to imagine seeing a high-profile player like Marcus Peters apparently spit on another in Jarvis Landry isn't what Roger Goodell wanted this morning.

As they say, the eye in the sky is always watching. Or in this case, the eye of some random person on Twitter who was apparently replaying the game today.

Whether Peters intentionally spat in Landry's direction and whether it actually hit Landry is unknown. Like the famous Magic Lougie episode on Seinfeld, we may discover there was a second spitter on the gravely road. Though in this case, it seems more straightforward.

Peters does appear to aim his discharge toward Landry before turning his head quickly to disguise his actions. Landry doesn't react so, at minimum, we can assume it didn't hit his skin. Regardless, given the pandemic-struck situation we find ourselves in as a country and the issues the NFL has dealt with this year, that's not what you want to see on the field between an All-Pro cornerback and a Pro Bowl wide receiver.