Marcus Peters Feels Disrespected By Rams After Getting Traded and Replaced

Marcus Peters
Marcus Peters / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Back in 2019, the Los Angeles Rams traded cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens. They followed up that move shortly afterwards by sending a haul of picks to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for fellow cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Both players have thrived with their new teams and played quality football for the most part.

But they are still NFL athletes, and NFL athletes will take any slight as motivation to prove someone wrong. Such is the case with Peters, who told Aqib Talib on his podcast Catchin' Fades that he felt disrespected by the Rams. Not because he was traded. He makes a point to say that's part of the business and he gets that. He's still mad about it because they replaced him with Ramsey. In short, "F--- them" says Peters.

So he's mad because the Rams traded him and then turned around and replaced him with a better player. Quite the chip on his shoulder. Peters is a good cornerback when he's on but has more off days than one would hope for an alleged shutdown corner. Ramsey, meanwhile, has only further established his status as a truly elite cornerback in Los Angeles.

If it drives Peters to play better, then the Ravens will be all for this nonsensical grudge.