Marcus Maye's Butt-Interception is the Highlight of New York Jets Season

Ryan Phillips
Marcus Maye's incredible Butt-Interception
Marcus Maye's incredible Butt-Interception /

Marcus Maye has officially produced the highlight of the awful New York Jets season. And he may have surpassed Mark Sanchez's immortal butt-fumble with his butt-interception. Buttception maybe? Who cares, it was awesome.

Check this out:

This is amazing:

How did he do that? It's far more impressive than David Tyree's helmet catch, since Maye had to go behind his back to secure it. Sure, the Jets were losing 24-0 to the Miami Dolphins in the fourth quarter when it happened, but who cares? That was incredible.

The Jets are horrible, but how often can a team say it produced a moment everyone will remember in a season? No one will forget that Maye interception and we'll be seeing highlights of it for years to come. What an absolutely nutty play.