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The March Madness Live Boss Button is a Zoom Meeting With a Bunch of Mascots

Ryan Phillips
March Madness Live's Boss Button for the 2021 NCAA Tournament
March Madness Live's Boss Button for the 2021 NCAA Tournament /

One great NCAA Tournament tradition is watching the NCAA's March Madness Live coverage online, especially if you're at work and don't have access to a TV. Perhaps one of the best parts of the coverage every year is the "Boss Button." If you're watching games at work and your boss is nearby, you can hit the button and something that looks work-related pops up on your screen to cover the broadcast. It's a hilarious feature, and 2021's edition is unique for our times.

Usually the boss button pulls up a screen that has spreadsheets and official looking documents on it. This year -- given that we're still in a pandemic -- it pulls up a Zoom call. This one is unique though, because it's a call filled with college basketball mascots. They're all moving around, typing messages in the chat box and jumping on and off the call. It's a creative twist that fits the times we're in.

Take a look:

Boss Button

Lots of our famous friends make appearances. Georgia Tech's Buzz, Big Jay from Kansas, the Clemson Tiger, Brutus Buckeye, Spike from Gonzaga, Griff II from Drake, the insanely creepy Purdue Pete, Will D Cat from Villanova, Bruiser from Baylor, Herky the Hawk from Iowa, even Boomer and Sooner from Oklahoma pop in at the last minute.

I would point out that having a Boss Button in 2021 probably wasn't necessary given that most of us are working remotely, but whatever, let's just have fun with this.