Manu Raju Got to Drop a 'B.S.' on CNN Because Lauren Boebert Shouted It at Kevin McCarthy

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Manu Raju got to swear on CNN on Tuesday morning and he's probably not even going to get yelled at. Raju was simply reporting the news that Lauren Boebert yelled "bullshit" in response to Kevin McCarthy's speech this morning ahead of the Republican vote for Speaker of the House.

Boebert is part of a very vocal group of Republicans opposing McCarthy as Speaker of the House. McCarthy himself apparently raised his voice and dropped a "God damnit."

As for McCarthy's actions, well, CNN put them in a chryon.

Is this funny to you? Republicans are swearing at each other and it is being reported on the news and you're laughing?