Manti Te'o Told Interviewer Lennay Kekua Wrote Him Letters Through Stanford Game

By Ty Duffy
HT TheBigLead - What? Interview cut.
HT TheBigLead - What? Interview cut. / cfbsection2

Manti Te’o discussed Lennay Kekua in an interview with Notre Dame Athletics on November 13. He told the interviewer he received the last letter from her before the Stanford game on Oct. 13. The game was 31 days after her supposed death on Sept. 12. If we can assume he didn’t forget Notre Dame’s schedule, it seems he believed (or pretended to believe) she wrote the letters ahead of time? This story just keeps getting weirder.

[Video via @cfbsection]

UPDATE: Pete Thamel references these letters in this article from Sports Illustrated. Te’o mentions a specific letter before the Michigan game to Thamel and claimed Kekua’s brother Kainoa read it to him. Thamel’s article references a letter received for the Senior Day game against Wake Forest. Thamel claims Te’o was read the letters by family members before being emailed them.

Te’o told the Notre Dame interviewer the last letter came before the Stanford game on Oct. 13 (interview more than four weeks after that game). Te’o then told Thamel he received another letter from her before the Wake Forest game on Nov. 17.