Manchester United Fans Break Into Old Trafford Amidst Protest [UPDATE]

Manchester United fan protest.
Manchester United fan protest. / Getty Images/Getty Images

The Revolutionary War is reborn. Only this time it's the English rising up against Americans.

Manchester United fans assembled en mass outside of Old Trafford today in protest against the Glazer family, who own the team. A large group was able to get past security barriers and make their way into their field, where they lit off green and yellow flares, colors representing their long-held desire to have the Glazer family removed from owning the team.

Here's video from outside and inside the stadium.

The protests stem from fan's outrage at the team's inclusion of the failed Super League, which was an obvious money grab attempt by the Glazer family and other involved owners that ended quickly in disaster. Since then, anger with the Glazer's has been renewed amongst fans, who see United as a team of the people, not part of a revenue-focused cooperation.

Manchester United plays Liverpool today. No word on how these protests could impact that game.

UPDATE: The Manchester United vs. Liverpool game has been delayed due to the protests.