Managers from Duke and North Carolina Got into a Fight, and Here's Blurry Video of it

By Jason McIntyre
Carolina - Duke Manager Game Fight
Carolina - Duke Manager Game Fight / cshulme

Duke and UNC meet tonight in Chapel Hill – tickets are cheap! – in what is probably the best rivalry in college basketball. Every year, before the first meeting between the teams, the managers from Duke and North Carolina meet on the basketball court.

This year, they got into a fight. Details, from the Duke Chronicle:

The first half of play came to a contentious close when a North Carolina manager grabbed a rebound and Duke freshman Drew Goldstein made a play for the ball. In creating space, the Tar Heel swung his elbows, knocking Goldstein to the floor. Play resumed shortly after the teams converged for a tense moment

I’d say it was a little more than a tense moment.

As for the real game, Ken Pom has Duke winning 81-79. Duke is favored by 2.5. This seems like a good spot to take Carolina, which has been woefully inconsistent all year, losing at home to Belmont but beating Michigan State on the road.