Man Who Turned Down $1,500 From Cam Newton for Seat on Plane is a Hero


We throw the word hero around often when talking about our favorite athletes, but how about we use it on a more appropriate person, you know, like this guy who booked his plane ticket months in advance, paid a little more for the extra legroom in coach and refused to compromise that luxury in the face of Cam Newton and $1,500.

The fact that Cam Newton travels in that outfit is amazing, but the fact that this guy refused to give up his seat is even better. Flying coach doesn’t offer many luxuries, but when you get a seat in the emergency exit row, you know you’re the envy of everyone surrounding you. Cash be damned in this situation. This guy wanted to stretch his legs out.

The only other question I have about this offer is why Cam didn’t make it to anyone else? There were at least seven other people he could have positioned in that row, and surely someone would have taken the cash money.

Not this man, however. He stood his ground, feet firmly planted on nothing because he had too much leg room to reach out and touch the wall in front of him, but heart filled with determination and conviction, knowing this flight would be his finest ever.