Man Steals Television, Blu-ray, Shark Vacuum Cleaner From Wal-Mart After Losing Bet on Tennessee Volunteers


Around 2 p.m. yesterday, Walmart officials called police and reported that several items, including a TV set, had been stolen by a man who was seen running out of the store with a shopping cart containing a flat-screen TV and several other items in boxes, according to the officer’s report.

Henry’s girlfriend, Latisha Lamson, 21, drove the getaway car. It was the perfect crime. At least it would have been if someone hadn’t written down Lamson’s license plate number while they were loading the car.

Store officials did a quick inventory to determine what all had been stolen in the incident, and they listed a Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner, a 39-inch TV, a Blu-ray player, and a pair of sleep pants.

Police arrested the couple who had ditched the boxes in the woods and paid off Henry’s $150 debt with the television and Blu-ray player. (The television has to be worth twice that. He should have kept the Blu-ray player. Just saying.) As for the Shark? Well that was personal.

And Henry allegedly told the officer he stole the vacuum cleaner for a friend’s wife because “she had said she wanted one.”

You know, Henry doesn’t sound like that bad a guy. Stupid, sure, but nice enough.

[Herald-Citizen, h/t: Clay Travis]

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