Man Attacks Judge In Las Vegas Courtroom During Sentencing


Things got wild inside a Las Vegas courtroom on Wednesday, as a defendant attacked a judge during a sentencing hearing. The man in question, Delone Redden, jumped over a desk to attack district court judge Mary Kay Holthus. Luckily, she reportedly emerged unscathed from the incident.

Redden leaped clear over Holthus' desk after she denied him probation and was proceeding with sentencing. He was immediately pounced on by people in the courtroom, including a marshal who was injured in the incident. Holthus was sentencing Redden for aggravated battery with substantial bodily harm when he jumped at her.

Here is video of the incident and a second with the aftermath:

Just an absolutely surreal moment and we're glad to hear the judge is OK. This immediately went viral on the Internet with people going crazy over the absolutely wild video.

UPDATE: We now have full video of the incident from beginning to end. Warning, it's graphic and extremely violent.

The full version is even worse.