Malcolm Jenkins: Football is a Nonessential Business, We Don't Need to Do It

Kyle Koster
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

New CNN contributor and New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins was on New Day this morning for an interview with John Berman. He did not sound like a person in a big rush to get back out on the football field.

Comparing the NFL to the NBA, Jenkins pointed out that his league will be more reliant on the honor system due to its bubble-less future.

Nothing Jenkins said is particularly revelatory but it is instructive to hear a player, whose livelihood and passion are so tied up in suiting up, put things in such stark terms. The NFL is still a million miles away from a solid plan that will allay fears. And it's possible they never get to one that will satisfy 100 or even 95 percent of its players.

Consider the PGA Tour, which has tried and failed to keep a spate of positive tests from cropping up, even with shared charter travel. Consider baseball, which has barely begun to congregate in mass and still has incidents cropping up. This stuff is very, very difficult and requires care and patience.

It's easy to find someone not involved in the NFL portraying the upcoming season as a matter of life and death. But hearing Jenkins, who surely speaks for many others, worried about actual life and death over touchdowns and field goals should be helpful in establishing reasonable expectations for the next few months.