Major Media Critic Nick Saban Doesn't Read What the Media Writes


Nick Saban, who had a job with ESPN, is no fan of the media. He blames it for things. He calls content about his team “rat poison.” He lectures members on how to their jobs. He literally creates fake news to inspire his team.

What I’m trying to say here is that he has a lot of thoughts on the topic. One might even put him on the Mount Rushmore of media critics alongside Richard Deitsch, Phil Mushnick, and Ryan Glasspiegel. One might also assume he’s consuming print or digital products before getting so worked up about everything.


Saban is the best college coach of all time. He can say whatever he wants — and does. But consider me skeptical that his office does not have internet access. That would seem like an oversight.

I suppose it’s possible that Saban has a person on staff who reads Alabama news and then relays the key points but that too seems inefficient for a bottom-line guy like him. Also, that kind of defeats the purpose of avoiding the news in the first place, then trumpeting proud ignorance later.

Since he doesn’t read the internet, he’ll never see this. But if he did and could see it, I’d implore him to log on and surf the web. There’s literally something for everyone. No interest is too obscure, no worldview under-served. And local newspapers can use all the help they can get in these trying financial times.

Think of how rich and compelling the media criticism could be if some homework was done on the front end.