Major League Baseball: All-Star Team Stacked

Kyle Koster
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Major League Baseball yesterday unveiled the rosters for next week's All-Star Game in Colorado. Both the National League and the American League have more than their fair share of good players. As one would expect for an All-Star team, generally comprised of the most skilled and/or productive players halfway through a season.

Those who operate social media accounts for large organizations are the salt of the Earth and they should be appreciated for always having something to say. Having said that, it's still a bit humorous to look back on what's become a bit of a running theme in this department. And we can all thank Cespedes Family BBQ for bringing it to the forefront.

This is why, after long waging a public battle with team and league accounts, I saw the light and decided to give them a pass. It's really hard to say something about the quality of an All-Star team. On multiple years the first thought may, in fact, be that they are stacked. Or loaded. Or a tour de force.

Coming up with adjectives for the American League side is not like trying to sell some new potato skins or nachos that have all the fixings. Stacked really is the best word with loaded a close runner-up.

Don't believe me? Ask Jon Taffer.