Magic Johnson Says on NBA Countdown: "(Donald Sterling) shouldn't own the team anymore."

By Mike Cardillo

Magic Johnson was identified by name in the alleged Donald Sterling tapes released by TMZ late Friday. A voice that’s supposedly the Clippers’ owner got upset with his girlfriend for posing with Johnson for a photo on Instagram.

Saturday, on Twitter, Magic said he wouldn’t attend Clippers games as long as Sterling owns the team. Sunday, Magic returned to ABC’s NBA Countdown to talk about the controversy. An emotional Johnson didn’t mince words and said, among other things, he didn’t think Sterling should own the team any more:

"“I believe once commissioner Silver does all his due diligence and gathers the information, he has to come down hard. He shouldn’t own the team anymore, and he should stand up and say ‘I don’t want to own a team anymore.'”"

He also raised the point that in the future players will not want to play for the Clippers so long as Sterling is in charge.

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