Madison LeCroy Calls Out Jay Cutler, Shares Texts and Photos After Kristin Cavallari Drama

Ryan Phillips
Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler, Uncommon James Store Opening
Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler, Uncommon James Store Opening / Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Madison LeCroy took to Instagram and shared text messages and a photo that proved Jay Cutler pursued her after Cutler and ex-wife Kristin Cavallari threw shade in her direction on social media.

LeCroy, who stars on Southern Charm, was rumored to be dating Cutler. When that leaked out, Cutler and Cavallari posted the following matching photos to their Instagram accounts:

Many thought the message was about a possible reconciliation for the couple, but the note about "users" was likely directed LeCroy. She didn't take that well and went to Instagram and posted screenshots of texts that prove Cutler actively pursued her, even going so far as to book a flight to visit her without telling her first. She also posted a photo of the two hanging out. LeCroy added that she wouldn't have posted the texts or photos if she hadn't been called a liar.

In December, LeCroy made fun of a video that showed her ex Austen Kroll dancing with Cavallari. So there's a whole lot of intermingling drama going on here that is far beyond my understanding. I'm just a humble sports writer and it would take Charlie Kelly-like devotion to untangle this conspiracy.

From what I can tell, Cutler pursued LeCroy, then called her a liar about their relationship, so she went public with the receipts. Basically, Cutler made a bad decision, which shouldn't shock anyone who watched him play quarterback during his 12 year NFL career.