Madden 20's Glitches are Hilarious

Ryan Phillips

Madden 20 was released to a limited number of gamers over the weekend and it’s clear there are a ton of issues to be worked out before its wide release on Friday.

Some of the game’s glitches are funny, others are maddening, while all of them make for good Internet content.

This one makes Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jacksoncompletely unsackable:

In this one, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott can’t be tackled…even when he actually gets tackled:

In this one — which has apparently been pretty common — receivers actually have the ball stuck on their helmets as they run downfield. And not in a cool, David Tyree kind of way:

Or how about this one, where C.J. Anderson literally can’t be tackled:

So yeah, you might want to wait until the first update comes through to go out and buy the game.