Mad Dog Nods Happily as Stephen A. Smith Names Random Basketball Players


Chris Russo made his weekly appearance on First Take today. Usually when he and Stephen A. Smith get in a room together in front of the cameras things get intense. There's disagreements and shouting and all the stuff you've come to expect from these two titans of sports media.

But not today. No, today Stephen A. Smith tried something he different. Instead of confrontation, he chose to sooth Mad Dog by naming dudes.

Pete Maravich, Dale Ellis, you know, Ricky Pierce, Larry Bird, Andrew Toney, I mean the list goes on and on and on. Allan Houston to a lesser degree. Ray Allen, Reggie Miller. I mean the list goes on and on.

It's like this (original) tweet come to life.

Seriously, just look at how happy Mad Dog is to hear these names said in a row. He looks like Patrick Bateman picking a new business card while Huey Lewis plays over the speakers at the print shop. Do you think this is what his wife does when he starts to get worked up over something at home?Calm down honey... Bernie Williams, Michael Cooper, Steve Yzerman, Carl Yastrzemski...