Chris Russo Says Fernando Tatis Jr. Is 'An NBA Guy Playing Baseball'

Ryan Phillips
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo on "High Heat"
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo on "High Heat" /

Well, it looks like we found someone who is actually mad at Fernando Tatis Jr. for swinging at a 3-0 pitch when his San Diego Padres were up 11-3 on the Texas Rangers Monday night. Chris "Mad Dog" Russo had a big problem with it.

During a segment on Tuesday's episode of High Heat, Russo ranted about the situation. He was mostly mad that Tatis was given a take sign by Padres manager Jayce Tingler and wound up swinging at the pitch anyway. Here's the thing: Tatis has said he never saw the sign, so this line of thinking is pretty much moot at this point in the saga.

Russo added that he wasn't in favor of swinging 3-0 there anyway, regardless of the sign Tatis got. He said the young star, "should have a little sense of decorum of the game score."

Here's his rant:

The thing that got me here was Russo saying is sort of "an NBA guy playing baseball." What the hell does that mean?

In the end, tons of current and former players wound up supporting Tatis. From Trevor Bauer to Johnny Bench to Reggie Jackson, all spoke out in favor of the 21-year-old star being aggressive regardless of the score.

The current and former players are right. Tatis shouldn't change the way he plays to satisfy some lame unwritten rules most people aren't even aware of.