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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Rips Alex Rodriguez's Work As a Broadcaster

Ryan Phillips
A-Rod / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is not one to hold back an opinion, and on Wednesday he let loose with a doozy. Mad Dog roasted Alex Rodriguez's performance as a broadcaster from Tuesday night's AL Wild Card Game. He further claimed he's never met anyone who thinks A-Rod is a good broadcaster.

During the game, as the Boston Red Sox eliminated the New York Yankees, Rodriguez continually launched into inane discussions that had little relevance on the game. It was a mess.

Here's what Russo had to say:

Mad Dog (and plenty of others) have been banging this drum for a long time. Rodriguez discussing Gerrit Cole's prospects for the 2022 AL Cy Young in the ninth inning of an elimination game was puzzling. It made absolutely no sense. And this came a few house after Cole collapsed on the biggest stage of the season.

ESPN has some decisions to make as far as A-Rod is concerned. He's really bad and is a cornerstone of the network's MLB broadcasts.