Mac McClung Finally Fulfilled His Destiny by Winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Stephen Douglas

Mac McClung fulfilled his destiny by winning the 2023 NBA Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night. McClung, the first G League player to ever be invited to the contest, broke out the type of dunks that you would have expected if you were watching his high school mix tapes on YouTube in 2018.

Having appeared in just two NBA games in his career, McClung wore a Philadelphia 76ers jersey and immediately won over the announcers, fans, players and judges with four dunks that hadn't really been seen before. It was aperfect performance that brought some real entertainment to an event that had been stale for a while.

Every single time. One try. Something cool.

For his final dunk he put on his high school jersey and then broke out the "it's over."

McClung said he would defend his title next year if the NBA will have him back.