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Mac McClung Hits Game-Winner, Abruptly Exits TV Interview to Celebrate With Teammates

Kyle Koster
John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Mac McClung has found a new home in Lubbock, averaging career-highs in both points and rebounds as Texas Tech competes for a Big 12 crown. That quest became much more realistic last night as the Red Raiders went on the road to Texas and came back to beat the Longhorns via a last-second shot from the fearless guard.

Afterwards he was nice enough to join ESPN for an interview to talk about the moment, during which he gave into peer pressure being applied from his teammates who wanted 100 percent participation in the festivities. This led to McClung apologizing to Fran Fraschilla to go party with the boys. But not before making it clear he meant no disrespect.

And you know what? That's the choice all college kids would probably make if we widely distributed truth serum. Nothing wrong with it. That type of energy makes for unpredictable television and ESPN gets a clip far more interesting than it would have been had McClung talked about horns action or how his teammates did a great job fighting.