Mac Jones Could Only Check His Three Phones as He Slid in the First Round of the NFL Draft

Mac Jones at the NFL Draft.
Mac Jones at the NFL Draft. / Pool/Getty Images

Mac Jones seemed like he was going to be the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft for the last few weeks, but the 49ers picked Trey Lance out of North Dakota. That left Jones sliding down the board and constantly checking not one, but two phones, waiting to see if anyone was going to call and give him a heads up that he would be drafted. Every time the camera cut to Jones in his family room, he was looking at his phones.

As of 10pm and the 13th pick, his phones have remained silent. Eventually, Jones added a third phone to the mix. Since his hands were already full, someone else had to hold it and show him that no, he had not been picked.

Who knows how far Jones will fall, but he will be remembered along with Aaron Rodgers and Johnny Manziel as high-profile quarterbacks who seemed to be stuck in the green room forever.

Jones' weekly screen report is going to break a record on Sunday morning.

UPDATE: Mac Jones has been selected by the New England Patriots with the 15th pick.