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Mac Jones Throws Extremely Funny Interception

Kyle Koster
Mike Stobe/GettyImages

We live in strange times in the NFL. The New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets, hoping they can steal a win and climb back in the AFC East chase. Mac Jones, fresh off a week of speculation and bizarre SkyCam controversies, is under center again, going long stretches without finding the end zone. His endeavors in that department fell short on this second quarter drive after his throwing motion was altered during on a third-down drop back, resulting in one of the more hilarious wounded ducks one can ever hope to see.

That thing was in the air forever. It looked like the biggest kid at recess tossing up a Jackpot as a group of kids hurt each other trying to catch it.

Obviously, it wasn't his fault. On the other hand, something so special only comes around once in a blue moon. And if you can't laugh at a ball buffering in real-time, what's this all been about? What have we been working toward?