Mac Jones Had Zero Interest in Keeping First Touchdown Ball

Liam McKeone
Mac Jones
Mac Jones /

First-round pick Mac Jones started his first game for the New England Patriots this afternoon. His first pass did not go well. But he settled down after that and, late in the second quarter, led his team on a touchdown drive. There were some quality throws made, although the drive was extended by a particularly precarious roughing the passer call.

Regardless of how they got there, the Patriots scored their first TD of 2021 via a Jones toss to Nelson Agholor. It was, of course, Jones' first touchdown pass as a professional. You wouldn't have been able to tell by looking at him, though. He was rather unfazed by the milestone, to the point he refused to take the ball from Agholor to commemorate the moment.

Ice-cold from the rook. Fortunately Brian Hoyer was there to grab it and keep it safe for him.

Jones wasn't outstanding in his first dose of NFL action, throwing for 133 yards and a TD with a fumble in the first half. But he's got the attitude down and managed to keep the Patriots in the game heading into the locker room for halftime. So far, so good.