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Mac Jones Was an Adorable Child

Kyle Koster
Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Mac Jones is making Bill Belichick look like a bigger genius with each passing week as the New England Patriots have strung together four consecutive wins and caused writers to wonder aloud if they are the NFL's best team. Jones has thrown six touchdown passes and a single interception over that stretch and completed 19 of his 23 throws against Cleveland yesterday. As such, he carried a chipper demeanor into today into a spot on WEEI's "Merloni & Fauria", where he was asked about his first and worst jobs.

“Worst job, I mean I used to be a child model and actor or whatever. That was fun,” Jones said. “Nothing crazy but there are a few commercials out there that you guys can try to find... I broke the camera.”

No sooner did those words go out did the photographic evidence materialize. Adorable evidence. The single unearthed photoshoot shows that Jones carved out a very strong Zack Morris lane.

And if it truly was the worst job Jones has had, he was damn good at pretending because look at those pictures and tell me he wasn't having the time of his life. Delightful.

Jones may not have realized what he was doing here. If he is, in fact, a generational talent in the first chapters of his journey, then this picture is going to get worn out on broadcasts. You can already hear Al Michaels introducing it to a Sunday night audience twice a year. As he should.