VIDEO: Luke Walton Gets Chewed Out by Kings Fan for Not Playing Buddy Hield

Ryan Phillips
Luke Walton coaching the Sacramento Kings
Luke Walton coaching the Sacramento Kings / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Luke Walton and the Sacramento Kings lost to the Toronto Raptors Sunday night 118-113 and the head coach got chewed out by a fan for his lineup decisions as time wound down.

The Kings had the ball down three with 13.7 seconds left. Obviously they needed to hit a 3-pointer to tie the contest, but for some reason Walton drew up a play and left reigning 3-point champion Buddy Hield on the bench. Instead, Nemanja Bjelica airballed a deep three and the ball went out of bounds to the Raptors.

As the Kings fouled on Toronto's ensuing inbounds play, a fan could be heard screaming at Walton about not putting Hield in the game.

Check this out:

Look, it's a fair point. You need a 3-pointer and you have a specialist at hitting from beyond the arc on your bench. Hield went 3-for-8 from deep Sunday night and is shooting 39.5 percent on the season. Bjelica leads the team in 3-point percentage, but could it hurt having two guys who can hit it on the floor at the end of the game?

Walton may already be coaching his way out of Sacramento in his first season.