Luke Voit Was Allowed to Hit Against a Position Player Pitching and It's a Miracle Someone Wasn't Hurt

San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs
San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

No actual pitcher on the Chicago Cubs roster had much success retiring San Diego Padres hitters last night as the visitors enjoyed a 16-5 lead entering the ninth inning. So there was nothing else to do but allow first baseman Frank Schwindel to take the mound and steer into the weirdness. This afforded Luke Voit the opportunity to have a stress-free at-bat against someone throwing pure puss and the slugger did not hesitate in capitalizing. Embedded below is the pure violence Voit brought to Wrigley when everyone was just trying to have a laugh.

I am not a big numbers guy but when you dig into them, you realize this ball left the plate with 78 times the velocity it entered. There's something extremely satisfying to the neutral observer about a player destroying an offering that never should have been thrown and only exists because league rules dictate all nine innings must be played.

Thankfully this ball landed in the batter's eye and not through a poor fan's chest. Position players pitching is all fun and games until someone hits one halfway to Gurnee.