Luke Kuechly Spending Retirement Eating Disgusting Mayo-Tomato Sandwiches

Brian Giuffra
Luke Kuechly is now a mayo spokesman.
Luke Kuechly is now a mayo spokesman. / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Luke Kuechly hung up the cleats and picked up a mayo jar. He added tomato, salt and pepper on white bread and called it a sandwich. Then he ate said sandwich, upsetting the stomachs of even the most ardent mayo supporters out there.

I'm a mayo guy. I put it on sandwiches, use it as a base for dressings, and, yes, even dip fries into it on occasion (no ketchup necessary). But a mayo-tomato sandwich on white bread? Sometimes you just have to draw the line. That's not a sandwich. That's a catastrophe.

Why not add some bacon and lettuce to that sandwich? That's a delicious classic. Or how about turkey, ham or roast beef? Mayonnaise is tasty, but it's a condiment for a reason. It only accentuates the flavor of other food items. It can't be the main attraction.

Happy to see Kuechly has already found his calling after retiring from the Panthers. Being a spokesperson for brands touting their foray into the college bowl naming season is probably lucrative. Plus, this bowl seems fun. After winning, players should dump mayo on the winning coach. That would be memorable.

But you also gotta wonder how many takes of Kuechly making that first bite went into the filming of this commercial? If it's anything more than one, it's one too many.