Luke Doncic Showed Off His Incredible Confidence Before and After Missing a Game-Winner

Stephen Douglas
Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls
Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls beat the Dallas Mavericks, 109-107 on Monday night. Luka Doncic just missed a step-back three at the buzzer that would have won the game for the Mavs. It happens. Just not usually from half-court.

That's right. Doncic took a step-back three from half-court and it hit the front of the rim. It takes a special kind of confidence to attempt that move from that distance. Most people would try and go towards the basket, but Doncic pushed off and created enough space to get off a quality look. And was then earnestly disappointed that he missed. Via the Dallas News:

"“That’s why I practice those,” Doncic said. “I was pissed I didn’t make that shot. In my mind I’m supposed to make that shot.”"

How can you not love this insane confidence? Especially after a game where he went 1-of-8 from three? Although, that might be why he's shooting 31.5 percent from behind the arc this season. Down from 32.7 percent as a rookie. Confidence is great, but maybe he should work on different shots in practice.