Blake Griffin Thrilled to Follow Luka Doncic in Spanish-Speaking Competition

Stephen Douglas

The Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Pistons played in Mexico City on Thursday night. Before the game, team captains Luka Doncic and Blake Griffin addressed the crowd. Speaking first, Doncic addressed the crowd in pretty good Spanish. Speaking second, Blake Griffin was like "come on, dude."

This was a great example of a couple things. First, Doncic is wonderful face of the league moving forward. In addition to averaging a near triple-double in his second year in the league, he speaks at least three languages. If he learns Mandarin, he could single-handedly save the NBA.

Then there's Blake. He was very close to being the face of the NBA a few years ago. That didn't quite happen, but he's doing alright in Detroit and still has a sense of humor.