Luka Doncic Says Donnie Nelson's Firing is 'Tough,' But He's 'Not the One Making Decisions'

Stephen Douglas
Luka Doncic during game 7.
Luka Doncic during game 7. / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks parted ways with longtime general manager Donnie Nelson earlier this week after decades with the team. Nelson put together the 2011 championship team and drafted Luka Doncic. The Mavs' young superstar commented on the move on Thursday.

To quote Russell Westbrook, "Ahh, that's pretty interesting."

The Mavericks appear to be in disarray. They got rid of a general manager who has had significant success and the support of their young superstar. Then you combine that with the report earlier this week that Doncic apparently isn't a big fan of the team's apparent shadow GM Haralabos Voulgaris and the rumor that coach Rick Carlisle has his eyes on a not-yet-vacant Milwaukee Bucks job and things aren't great.

Who knows what is really going on inside Mark Cuban's camp, but from the outside, it looks like there are some serious issues. Maybe these are all just B.S. reports, but who knows. Whatever the reality is, Doncic has not yet signed his extension. And technically, he never explicitly said he was going to, even if he did smile. We'll see how smiley he is when Nelson isn't across the bargaining table.