Luka Doncic and LeBron James: Who Says No (Probably Luka)

Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LeBron James-Los Angeles Lakers marriage may have reached the irreconcilable differences. James has precious few remaining years even though he's an unprecedented athlete. If he chooses to play elsewhere it will be in a situation where he can immediately contend for a championship. Surmising the landscape this morning on Get Up, Brian Windhorst identified the Dallas Mavericks as a potential landing spot.

James has drafted Doncic all three years he's had the opportunity on All-Star Weekend. He tried to get the young phenom to join Team Nike and if you wanted to expand your mind enough, one could imagine the two of them teaming up down the line. So put that in your back pocket to forget before doing a load of wash because right now it's not entirely important.

For the sake of content it's worth wondering how such a dynamic duo would operate. There is only one basketball and both players are incredibly ball-dominant. Eventually James will have to become the No. 2 option on a team but we've never seen it. It's obvious why LeBron would want to play with Luka yet far more unclear why Doncic would want to play with James. One foresees ... messiness.