Lucas Glover's Wife Arrested For Assaulting His Mother and Him Following Poor Golf Performance

Bobby Burack

In a police report obtained by TMZLucas Glover, winner of the 2009 PGA U.S. Open, was attacked along with his mother by his wife Krista

Police were called to a rented home in Jacksonville, Florida as Lucas and Krista were having an altercation. Lucas told police that is wife began attacking him because of his poor performance in the Player’s Championship earlier in the day.

The mother of the golfer was also attacked by Krista when she stepped into the situation. When police arrived, Lucas’ mother was found with cuts on her arms and blood on her chest.

The police report states:

"“Lucas advised me every time he plays poorly in a tournament, Krista begins yelling at him, stating he is a ‘loser’ and ‘p*ssy’ and ultimately starting an altercation with him about his performance.”"

Lucas told police Krista had been drinking before the altercation. That would explain the notes in the police report that she refused to get into the patrol car, tried to wrap her legs around the doorway to keep from getting in, and also reportedly said that “this is why cops get shot in the face.”

Krista was arrested for domestic violence. She was released on $2,500 bond and has a date in court on May 31.

Lucas tweeted out an update on the scene that occurred on Mother’s Day: