LSU Suspends Head Coach Will Wade Indefinitely Amid FBI Wiretap Investigation


LSU head coach Will Wade has been suspended indefinitely by the school amidst allegations that he made offers of some kind to freshman Javonte Smart when he was a recruit. Those allegations were detailed in a Yahoo! report.

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva released the following statement regarding the suspension:

Wade currently has the Tigers ranked 10th in the country with only Vanderbilt (which occupies last place in the SEC) left on the schedule. LSU i on pace to claim at least a share of the conference’s regular season title with Tennessee.

As an LSU fan, this is depressing stuff. The basketball program had been a joke for years and won only two conference games in 2017. Things were going well and there was plenty of excitement surrounding the program with Wade in charge.

Obviously, that will all change, as the school prepares for whatever comes next for both Wade and from the NCAA.

I thought Alleva should stick it out with Wade through to the end of the season. Then accept whatever punishment is handed down from the NCAA if anything comes of Wade’s participation in this federal investigation. Instead, he suspended Wade and has all but admitted guilt when there isn’t any real proof yet. Who does that? What is the point?

If the LSU administration has any belief that Wade did something wrong — including lying to them, they have the ability to fire him for cause right now and not worry about paying him out.

Sean Miller and Bill Self are still coaching despite their connection to the probe, right?

LSU’s administration continues to be a joke and even though Wade should obviously be the center of attention right now, Joe Alleva should be right there with him.