LSU's New Football Locker Rooms Are Ridiculous

Kyle Koster

LSU’s football operations building was nice before a dramatic makeover. Now it’s something out of a glossy magazine only available to millionaires who jaunt around the world in first-class and use expensive oils and lotions. You know, those who really embrace the lifestyle.

The improvements were unveiled on Sunday night and while I could describe them, it’s best to just take a look and drink in the opulence.

LSU players now have a place to sleep in the locker room as each space converts into a sleek pod with entertainment options and charging stations. The over-the-top new facilities are meant to attract top talent to Baton Rouge and keep them at the team hub while they’re there.

At this point, it’s difficult not to see something like this — the latest salvo in a building arms race — and marvel at the absurdity of not fairly compensating the athletes.

There’s definitely a difference between the public reaction to these fancy new improvements now compared to several years ago. Now more people are thinking critically about what it all means as opposed to going neat, a water slide or whatever. That feels like progress.

Still, fun to look at.