LSU Radio Show Gets Incredibly Loud and Angry

Kyle Koster

LSU sits at a disappointing 4-4 after a two-touchdown loss to Ole Miss on Saturday. The euphoria of winning a national championship just two years ago with one of the best college football teams to ever take the field has disappeared. Tigers fans are searching for a new savior to come into Baton Rouge and restore the roar. Some are handling it better than others. At least that's the assumption I'm going to operate under. Because if every house in Louisiana features a meltdown similar to the one that took place on ESPN 104.5's postgame show, then there's real reason for concern.

Here's Charles Hanagriff and Richard Condon engaging in human communication at peak volume and frustration. They look like two brothers in a road trip comedy having the tensions of the journey boil over after the miss an exit and pull over to consult a map.

At this point of the post I was going to ask if sports radio hosts are okay but it took about four seconds of reflection to understand that, by and large, they are certainly not okay. And hey it's content for the similarly wired so kudos to everyone making aggrieved, loud audio for a living. There will always be an audience.

It really is remarkable how quickly Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase and seven zillion points have given way to anger and uncertainty. Ed Orgeron reached the highest of highs before flaming out in record time. Whomever gets the lusted-after job will be met with this type of punditry. Good luck with all that.