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Louisiana Sports Anchor Can't Wait For CBS, Creates MS Paint Highlights for Michigan - LSU

Stephen Douglas
Andrew Clay's LSU highlights are better in MS Paint.
Andrew Clay's LSU highlights are better in MS Paint. / MS Paint by Andrew Clay, KATC

Viewers of KATC 3 in Lafayette, Louisiana might have missed Monday's Michigan Wolverines-LSU Tigers NCAA tournament game so they probably tuned in hoping to catch the highlights. If they were surprised to find out that the Tigers had lost, the blow was likely softened by the fact that KATC did not have access to the actual highlights, so sports anchor Andrew Clay recreated them using MS Paint. If you're going to find out bad sports news, there's no better way.

First of all, those were really good. Almost too good. That's the kind of MS Paint proficiency that makes you wonder when he finds time to do anything else. That is an artist at work. KATC might want to consider having Clay do this full time for all news stories. Not just sports. Politics. Weather. Local interest stories. Cover them in MS Paint or don't cover them at all.