Louis Riddick: Cam Newton Would Be a Perfect Fit With the Los Angeles Rams

Stephen Douglas
Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Louis Riddick appeared on Golic and Wingo on Thursday and discussed a possible landing spot for free-agent quarterback Cam Newton. According to Riddick, Newton would be a perfect fit with Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams.

Statistically, Newton and Goff aren't that far apart as passers. Looking at Goff's four seasons compared to Cam's first four or four most recent healthy seasons, the difference is negligible. Newton would be a valuable backup.

In a perfect world, that makes sense. But the Rams do not exist in a perfect world. They have Jared Goff starting at quarterback and he has a massive contract. Having a backup quarterback of Cam Newton's ability would be wonderful, but imagine the financial implications if Newton were to simply outplay Goff and take his job. Not to mention the pressure of having a former MVP backing him up. And that's before Goff has a single bad performance and everyone wonders when he'll be benched for Newton.

Then there's the question of whether Newton, who has been to a Super Bowl and started since his first day in the league, would want to be a backup. Especially to someone making so much more money.