Los Angeles Sparks Lose Important Game After Missing Three Shots in Final Ten Seconds

Chicago Sky v Los Angeles Sparks
Chicago Sky v Los Angeles Sparks / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

The Chicago Sky beat the Los Angeles Sparks, 76-75, on Tuesday nigiht in LA. It was a particularly tough loss for the Sparks as they had the ball down one point with 22.1 seconds remaining and proceeded to miss three shots in the final 10 seconds, capping a night where the team shot 36.7% from the field.

This is the opposite of the Seattle Storm's approach to end-of-game situations. Rather than stop playing, the Sparks continued to play and attempt to score. Unfortunately, it did not work out for them as Jordin Canada, Jasmine Thomas and Karlie Samuelson each got off a shot in the final seconds of the game. It's just that none of those went in, which is a shame because the Sparks really could have used that game-winner as they battle to hold off the Sky for the 8th seed in the WNBA playoffs.

With the win the Sky are now just a half-game behind the Sparks with just under two weeks remaining in the regular season. The Sky have four games remaining on their schedule while the Sparks have five. Whoever sneaks (or backs) into the 8-seed gets a chance to play the Las Vegas Sparks who are having one of the best seasons in WNBA history. So... that's fun!