Los Angeles Dodgers Trying to Steal ESPN's Orel Hershiser For New TV Network

By Jason McIntyre

Major League Baseball is close to approving the new TV network for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and according to two sources in the organization, the club is targeting one announcer to be the face of the network in the coming years: ESPN’s Orel Hershiser.

This should come as a surprise to nobody, seeing as how Hershiser is one of the most beloved Dodgers over the last 40 years – he captured the Cy Young Award and World Series MVP in 1988 – and already one of the top baseball analysts in the business.

How close is Hershiser to leaving ESPN for the new network? Although ESPN declined comment, a source in Bristol confirmed that Hershiser’s contract is almost up, and he is currently in negotiations with ESPN. Obviously, ESPN is trying to retain Hershiser, who is an analyst on Sunday Night Baseball games and on Baseball Tonight.

But will the lure of returning to the franchise that made him famous be too much for ESPN to compete with?

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