Lonzo Ball Will Be On Fuller House Season 3

Stephen Douglas

Lonzo Ball is already the star of a reality television show on Facebook. Now he’s branching out into sitcom acting. Lonzo will appear on an episode of Fuller House that will hit Netflix later this month. Via EW:

"The UCLA alum, who was drafted No. 2 overall by the Lakers in June, will show up at the Tanner-Fuller household to recruit someone to join his new organization."

I knew that Stephanie became a DJ so she could go by “DJ Tanner,” but I did not realize that one of the characters last names was “Fuller.” Of course it is. Why else would Lonzo Ball show up at the house to recruit someone to join his “new organization” which you have to assume is Big Baller Brand, but how is LaVar Ball not involved in this?

You also have to wonder how familiar Lonzo is with Full House. The final episode of the original Full House aired on May 23, 1995. Lonzo was born on October 27, 1997. Fuller House is somehow already on its third season having debuted in February 2016 way back when Lonzo was still a senior in high school. Full House has lived in syndication for more than two decades so he has probably seen it. Maybe. Why do you think Lonzo Ball has chosen Fuller House for his first cameo? And why do you think a show set in San Francisco went with a Lakers player instead of someone from the Warriors? Kevin Durant made Thunderstruck. He’s not above this.