Lonzo Ball Says the Big Baller Brand is 'Demolished,' Lavar Ball Calls Lonzo 'Damaged Goods'

Vytautas Prienai v Zalgiris Kauno
Vytautas Prienai v Zalgiris Kauno / Alius Koroliovas/Getty Images

Lavar Ball's Facebook reality television show, Ball in the Family, is still chugging along and is currently in the show's fifth season in just over two years. The show now appears to be mostly about the drama of the Ball family and less the marketing machine Lavar probably envisioned. In the latest episode Lavar and Lonzo have a pretty frank conversation about how the Big Baller Brand is being perceived. It is both sad and funny.

The main argument here is whether or not to change the name of Big Baller Brand. Lonzo wants to at least talk about it, but Lavar will have nothing to do with that. So you have son trying to keep an open mind and a father calling his son damaged goods. On top of that, Lavar tells his new business partner that he doesn't want to hear his opinion. Probably not a great approach considering what happened the last time he didn't pay attention to a business partner.

Then things get metaphorical as Lavar and Lonzo argue about that former business partner. You don't cut down trees because of apples or branches. And the guy who sets everything up doesn't run everything if the other guy is signing the autographs. This would make for an excellent episode of Bill Simmons' new podcast.