Lonzo Ball Has Covered Up His Big Baller Tattoo

Kyle Koster

Future scholars seeking to understand the times we were living in will undoubtedly focus on the Ball family, whose rise to prominence has served as a window into a society where being entertaining is valued more than being rational. They’ll see things began to take a real turn for the south in early 2019 as the Big Baller Brand came apart at the seams in very public fashion.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball put another nail in the company’s coffin by seeking out a tattoo artist to cover up some BBB ink. The result is some odd-looking dice, but hey, at least those don’t conjure up painful memories.

If you forgot Lonzo had this tattoo, it may be because the NBA forced him to cover it up in the interest of the Brand Wars.

Most people had the same reaction upon hearing LaVar Ball for the first time and it was oh great, we get to watch a slow-motion car crash play out. Those expectations have been met, even if the path has been unpredictable.

Can’t wait to see where it goes next.